Touring Eataly Chicago: A Visual Feast

Touring Eataly Chicago: A Visual Feast


If you find yourself in the downtown Chicago area and you like Italian food, I highly recommend making a stop at Eataly Chicago on East Ohio Avenue just off of Michigan Avenue.  We stopped there after dinner one night just to check out the 65,000 square foot spectacle. Not only is this space amazing, it is also a little overwhelming to take in. The nice people at Eataly realize this and offer a guided tour by an Eataly ambassador for those who want some help navigating the marketplace and restaurants.


We didn’t have a lot of time to spend so we opted to show ourselves around and admire the seemingly limitless amounts of cheeses, wines, meats and specialty items. I envy those who live close by because they can make one quick stop and throw together food and wine for a party in no time at all.


Everything was displayed in such a gorgeous, mouth-watering fashion. It was hard to choose what to look at next.



To give you an idea of how big Eataly Chicago is, they have 23 eateries inside one building. Each restaurant or eatery is next to the area in the marketplace that carries that food item.




I can’t decide which area is my favorite. It is probably a tie between the colorful and fresh pastas and the prosciutto section. I am pretty sure everyone should have a shelf in their refrigerator dedicated solely to storing glorious prosciutto.



Since we have been indulging so much in the cheese and meat areas I thought I would leave you with some fresh produce.


What I have shown you here is a just a tiny sampling of what Eataly has to offer. Next time I am in the area I plan on dedicating half a day to check it out more fully and stay for lunch. I may even enlist the help of an ambassador to get the full scoop (of gelato that is!) Sorry I had to…

Have you ever been to Eataly Chicago or Eataly New York or someplace else like this? Tell me about it in the comments below! Bon appetito!

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