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I have loved a good mystery for as long as I can remember and recently I attended my first Murder Mystery Dinner. It was a fundraiser at a convention center so I didn’t really know what to expect or what to wear for that matter. It wasn’t a themed event so I chose the safety of a Little Black Dress.

The fun started when we arrived, got our drinks and found a table to sit at. All of the other guests around the table were eager participants and were chatting about the different character descriptions in the booklets we were given.  The characters milled around the room prior to the event, interacted with guests and answered questions posed to them by all the amateur detectives in the room. I was a little anxious that everyone was already collecting info and clues and we had just sat down.

I needn’t have worried though. Everything you needed to know was presented in the skits they acted out over our salads and then main course. In fact, the first “murder” occurred while I was being handed the beef monstrosity I ordered. By the time dessert rolled around we were in a question and answer period with the cast and then we wrote down who we thought the culprit was and turned it in.


Beef Tenderloin



Mediterranean Garlic Chicken with two sad little carrots…

IMG_4344    IMG_4340

We had a great time meeting the people at our table. They were all there for a fun, sleuthing time and played along with everything. We even started some aside jokes around the table about the “sexy” gardener character. At one point I was laugh/crying but that could have been the wine too…

Canyon Road Cabernet

Canyon Road

I have had occasion to try wine from Canyon Road twice now and both times I was pleasantly surprised. Usually at events such as these the wine is passable but in this case it was quite lovely.

I definitely want to attend another murder mystery event in the future. A mystery train experience would be awesome. There are many of these events all over and it can make for a unique night out or weekend event.


Some suggestions from around the globe:

Belmond Murder Mystery Train Experience

Napa Wine Train Mystery

Amundson Murder Mystery Chicago

Murder Mystery Weekend in a Mansion

Jekyll Island Murder Mystery Weekend

Any more suggestions of murder mystery dinners/weekends? I would love to hear about any first hand experiences.

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  1. Camilla
    April 26, 2016 / 7:02 pm

    My boyfriend Alessandro and I went to one of these a while back. Never trust a sexy gardner!😉

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