Spicy Italian Sandwich

Spicy Italian Sandwich
Spicy Italian Sandwich with New Glarus Spotted Cow microbrew

Spicy Italian Sandwich

This spicy Italian sandwich is an easy go to meal when you have had a busy day and your family has already eaten pasta three nights in a row. You can also enlist their help in creating their own sandwich as this is more about assembling your ingredients than it is about following a recipe.

What makes this sandwich spicy is the pepperjack cheese. For an extra kick you could add hot banana peppers but I usually use mild. If you have kids who don’t like any spice just swap out the cheese to something milder and stick with only green peppers.



1 long loaf of Italian bread or individual Italian sub buns (as many as needed)
Garlic powder
2 slices of Ham (I like off the bone) for each sandwich
3-4 slices Italian salami for each sandwich
4 slices pepperjack cheese for each sandwich
Tomato slices
Diced green peppers
Banana Peppers


Put your broiler on the High setting. Slice your bread and butter each side. Place bread onto foil lined pan. Sprinkle garlic powder on both sides. Or if you’re feeling especially chef-like, rub a garlic clove over the buttered bread. Layer the ham, salami, cheese and tomatoes on the bottom piece of bread. Sprinkle the peppers of your choosing on top. Put in the broiler for a few minutes. Keep an eye on it and don’t get distracted or walk away!

Hints/Variations: Sometimes I bake just the meat/cheese/vegetables on a pan and then lay them on the bread because certain people don’t like their bread toasted.

I like cheese. Cheese is the best. Sometimes I put cheese on both sides of the bread. The top half of the bread can be a little tippy if it is rounded so I slice a little off the top to make it lie flat and keep the cheese from falling off.

Spicy Italian Sandwich

Enjoy this hot spicy sandwich with your favorite microbrew


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