My Favorite Hair Products for Summer

My Favorite Hair Products for Summer

Summer is almost here and that means summer hair is too. Summer hair can be a good or bad thing. In a good way it can mean loosening and changing up your style or letting your hair just grow for 3 months while you enjoy the weather. 

Taken negatively, summer hair is when the heat and the humidity cause your hair to do all sorts of things you don’t like. Your hair may become frizzy from the humidity or dry and damaged from too much sun or chlorine. Here are a few products I like to use during the summer to help with the good and the bad of summer hair:

Managing Your Long Hair for Summer Weather

Superfruit Healthy Hair shampoo and Keratin Protein conditioner from Hask are solid choices for keeping hair healthy, shiny and frizz-free. Hask’s Superfruit shampoo contains dragon fruit and mangosteen oil from the mangosteen fruit which is basically the Holy Grail of superfruits. The Keratin Protein conditioner helps bind moisture to your hair which helps reduce breakage. It also adds shine and protects your hair from drying out. You can thank the hydrolyzed keratin proteins for that.

Hask Superfruit Shampoo Hair


Mangosteen Fruit   



You can find Hask products at Ulta and Target. Ulta usually has a better selection and they often have a Buy one get one 50% off deal. Plus, you can use your rewards to get additional savings. Check out my post on the Ulta Reward program here.


Aveda Smooth Infusion


Aveda’s Smooth Infusion line is perfect for summer. Aveda isn’t cheap so I stick to the Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother. It has a great citrus-y scent, is lightweight and does a great job smoothing your hair and taming frizz. It also protects your hair if you do a lot of blow drying, straightening or curling. I use a pea-sized amount each time and distribute it evenly along the middle and ends of my hair before blow drying.








Brown hair loose curls



Drybar Detox Conditioner hair

If you are lucky enough to live near a Drybar, congratulations! Unfortunately I do not, so I settle for buying their products at Ulta. I like to use Drybar’s Detox Conditioner when I am between washes and want to extend the life of my hairstyle. It’s also great if I don’t have time to do my hair and want to give it a quick smooth out. To use, just spray on the middle to bottom ends of the hair to help detangle, smooth and hydrate your hair.

Drybar products are available at Ulta, Amazon and Sephora.







Moroccanoil Treatment

Morocanoil Treatment can be used on wet or dry hair. Made from argan oil, it hydrates, conditions and protects hair when heat styling. You can also add a little to your dry hair to tame frizz or flyaways. What I love about this product is that it doesn’t smell like pure argan oil. The smell of pure argan oil is migraine-inducing for me, but with Moraccanoil I get the benefits of argan oil without the smell.

I have been able to find Moraccanoil Treatment at Sephora and Aveda salons.






Summer Hair Style

Bumble and bumble Don't Blow ItJust Blow It from Bumble and bumble is a great hair product when you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling. My daughter uses it at night on wet hair. She parts her hair down the middle and braids each side. It is important to be precise with where you part your hair because that is how it will fall once the braids come out. Then she sleeps on it and lets her hair air dry. The next morning she has beachy, mermaid wavy hair that looks natural and effortless. Sometimes she uses a curling wand to touch up a few pieces for a more finished look.

You can buy Bumble and bumble products directly from their website, at Sephora or on Amazon.





Beachy wave mermaid hair style


What products do you use to manage your summer hair? Let me know what works for you in the comments below. I am always open to trying new products.

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