Midsomer Murders Series 19 Review

Part One of Midsomer Murders Series 19 contains four new episodes and introduces us to the fifth Detective Sergeant to take on the murdery county of Midsomer, DS Jamie Winter. Let’s review what series 19 has in store for us.

The Village that Rose from the Dead

The abandoned village of Little Auburn is about to be reopened but not before someone is murdered there with a tank – not exactly the homecoming the villagers were expecting. DCI Barnaby and his new sergeant Jamie Winter must delve back to World War II to get to the answers they need.

This episode gives us a little more personal background on Kam, wraps up DS Nelson’s role, explains what happened to Sykes and gets the unofficial “Best Use of Pink in Decorating” award. So awesome.

Nick Hendrix as DS Winter in Midsomer Murders

Pretty in Pink


Neil Dudgeon as Inspector Barnaby in Midsomer Murders

Barnaby’s reaction to Kam and Jamie’s reunion…

Crime and Punishment

In the remote village of Bleakridge (even the name is a bummer) villagers have formed a rigid neighborhood watch group to deter the criminal element. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop the local butcher from being murdered and put in the deep freeze.

This was probably my least favorite episode in terms of plot and characters. I didn’t find anyone particularly likeable and motive was a little thin on the ground. The best parts are Sarah trying to be her own detective/cupid in the romance department and when Winter calls Kam “awkward.” Can’t wait to see where this goes…

Last Man Out

A new form of cricket is causing an uproar in Lower Pampling. It appears there is a little too much grandstanding and fireworks for the cricket traditionalists. The mascots and cheerleaders probably don’t help either. Being from the States this reminds me a little bit of when Arena Football became a thing. Is it still a thing?

When one of the star players is murdered, in a very creative way I might add, Barnaby ends up running into his former sergeant, Ben Jones. Has Jones left his police career to become a cricket star? I am sure Barnaby will figure it all out even if Jones is a bit tight-lipped about everything.

Ben Jones of Midsomer Murders

Why Hello Ben Jones…

Jason Hughes as Ben Jones

Ben Jones gets his cricket on

Red in Tooth & Claw

Bellville Hall hosts the annual small pet show and a small amount of chaos when the murder of an estate agent and the release of all the small pets takes place on its grounds. Multiple motives for the murder and pet release abound. Is it a jealous competitor, another greedy estate agent or a pet shop owner with an eye for fur?

The premise reminds me a bit of ‘Sins of Commission’ (Series 7) and ‘Orchis Fatalis’ (Series 8).  I suppose in Midsomer County there is no shortage of beleaguered estate owners willing to hold festivals of some sort on the front lawn if it means an influx of cash to fund their hobbies and vices.

Red in Tooth & Claw was my favorite episode because it felt the most like a traditional Midsomer Murders episode. The rapport between Barnaby and Winter has been established. There are traditional feuding couples, so fur is flying both metaphorically and in reality. As my daughter observed, “how does anyone stay married in Midsomer?”

Sergeant Winter holding a Bunny

DS Winter Holding a Bunny

Questions future episodes of Midsomer Murders could address:

Is Dr. Kam coming back and then leaving again? Should we commit to the new coroner? He seems like a fun guy so I am not mad at the switch.

Can DS Winter run as fast and jump over fallen trees as gracefully as DS Nelson? What about swimming and biking? He has proven that he is willing to sacrifice himself and his suit to catch the bad guy.  And if he wants to keep trying in the other areas I am willing to watch.

On the same note, will we ever see DS Winter not dressed to the nines? DS Jones sported running, hiking and cricket gear, while DS Nelson not only flung himself into rivers but also donned running and biking gear. It seems like the bar is set high in the athletic department for the Detective Sergeants of Midsomer. Can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for DS Winter.

If you want to check out these new Midsomer Murders episodes for yourself you can stream them on Acorn TV or Netflix. After you’ve watched them let me know what you think of the new DS in the comments below.

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  1. Gordon Keating-Brown
    August 7, 2017 / 1:43 pm

    What happened to the real Sykes (not the series character who died off screen between series)? Was he retired from acting or did he die in real life?

  2. August 10, 2017 / 8:49 am

    The dog who played Sykes (his real name by the way!) is semi-retired from acting. 🙂

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