Midsomer Murders Season 19 Coming Soon

Midsomer Murders Season 19

Great news! Acorn TV just announced that Midsomer Murders Season 19 will be available for streaming on March 6th. In addition, they are offering an early pre-order ship date of April 17th on Part 1 of Season19. Amazon isn’t shipping until June 27th so if you are going to buy it I would definitely choose the Acorn TV route.

My daughter and I are super excited to see the new DS Jamie Winter played by Nick Hendrix. We have been ogling (and “hearting”) his taste in clothes and cars on Instagram for months now, so it will be fun to see him in action. Of course we will still miss DS Nelson (you can read all about that situation here) but hopefully the new mysteries, new DS and new addition to the Barnaby clan will keep our spirits up.

There are four mysteries in the Part 1 of Season 19:

  • The Village That Rose from the Dead
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Last Man Out
  • Red in Tooth & Claw
Midsomer Murders Season 19


From what I have seen of the promo pics we get cricket, rabbits (!!??) and a visit from a slightly scruffy looking DS Jones. Perhaps I will make some tea and learn all about cricket while I am waiting…

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