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St. Mary's Church

St. Mary’s Church All Souls College, Oxford

One of my favorite things about summer is that Masterpiece Mystery usually schedules some awesome new mysteries to help pass the Sunday evenings. This year is no exception. Even though I am sad there aren’t any new Agatha Christie mysteries and we will be seeing the Inspector Lewis series come to an end, I am glad they gave us more episodes to wrap it up. Inspector Lewis has been by far my favorite mystery series since its inception. Now, I think “Hathaway” would be a great title for a brand new series in case anyone is curious… Laurence Fox really should get his own show.

EDIT/UPDATE: After having just finished watching the last Inspector Lewis, I really have to say that Masterpiece seems poised to have a follow up to Lewis. Hathaway seems set up for a spin-off. The last season introduced a whole new storyline with Hathaway’s father and sister that was not resolved. Writers seem to be surrounding him with future plot lines so I really hope this means we will see “Hathaway” the series one of these days!

Laurence Fox Detective Hathaway

Laurence Fox gets last checks before filming a scene for Inspector Lewis.


Kevin Whately Inspector Lewis

Kevin Whately as Inspector Lewis.                   Photo through Creative Commons

Inspector Lewis will be airing three new 90 minute episodes on PBS beginning August 7th. The episodes are called:

  • One for Sorrow  – Lewis and Hathaway investigate an apparent drug overdose death.
  • Magnum Opus  – A college dean is found bludgeoned to death in a local woodland.
  • What Lies Tangled  – A parcel bomb disrupts an otherwise idyllic summer day in Oxford.

If you simply cannot bear Inspector Lewis being out of your tv-viewing life, previous seasons are available on Amazon Prime or Netflix. You can watch all the past Inspector Lewis’ to your hearts content.


Oxford Town

Oxford Town Rooftop View

Shaun Evans and Roger Allam will return for a third season of Endeavour beginning June 19th. It will have four new 90 minute episodes. I really like to watch Endeavor for the costuming. Is that weird? The new episodes are called:

  • Ride – Suspended from duty, Morse begins his own covert investigation of a murder close to where he is convalescing.
  • Arcadia – A house fire and a death by “tummy trouble” confuses the Oxford City Police.
  • Prey – A missing au pair and a link to a cold case from the past causes tension in the police force.
  • Coda – Endeavour takes his Sergeant’s exam and considers his future on the force in the season finale.

So, even if you won’t be physically traveling to Oxford this summer (sad face), with Masterpiece Mystery you can pour a cup of tea or glass of wine and immerse yourself in the architecture and scenery of Oxford from the comfort of your own home.

Oxford Boating

Boating in Oxford


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