Homecoming Dress Shopping

Homecoming Dress Shopping

Recently I went homecoming dress shopping with my daughter. Think it is too early for that nonsense? Wrong. Actually, we are considered “behind” in most circles. A lot of girls order their dresses from Amazon in the summer because they are coming from China and you need a 6-8 week window to have it made, try it on, reject it and ship it back with a prayer that your money gets refunded. Yeah, I am not doing that. At first glance, it seems like a good deal but there are just too many things that can go wrong for me in that scenario. The dress my daughter ends up with may very well be made in China but I will get it the old fashioned way – driving to a department store or ordering online. If you stick through to the end of this post I have a little treat for you as to why you shouldn’t worry about your dress size.

On our first trip we ended up at Macys where we saw dresses from last year (don’t ever say Macy’s doesn’t recycle) and some new ones. Here are a few that made it to the fitting room to be tried on.

I think this one was from last year. Hello dress from last year…  Back on the rack you go.


I think this one is attempting to be a Sherri Hill knock-off. You can’t tell from the picture but this fit really oddly on top and I also got to say “Too Short” for the first of 100 times.


This is a good color on her but the lining was all funky inside. Length was surprisingly okay on this one but not enough bling I guess…


I like to call this one the “Ariana Grande.” This dress is a classic “looks good on the hanger but not on you.” Too many big gaps in the back and you guessed it… too short. No.


This is a possibility but she wasn’t ready to commit. This is borderline “Too Short” for me and possible the school but depending on how desperate we get I may make an exception.


This one was just for fun and to pretend it is for Prom.


Next we went to a bridal shop to see if they had anything to choose from. Surprisingly it was pretty slim pickins’ because they didn’t carry much in her size.

I actually liked the style and color of this dress but it was too big and she didn’t like how long it was.


This one had potential but again she didn’t like the length and wasn’t super fond of the color.


In theory this dress seemed like it should work but again it was a bit too big and we probably would have to add straps to it so there wouldn’t be any wardrobe malfunctions. Nope.


So after about 3 hours of dress shopping we came home empty handed but a little wiser about what might work and not work. I have also established my “happy zone” for skirt length. It is right around 33-34” from hollow to hem. She is pretty okay with this length too so if we can find something in that range it will be a miracle.

For that miracle we turned to online dress shopping. I think PromGirl.com should have a frequent viewer program as I have logged a lot of hours on there. I am definitely up for some sort of tenacity rewards program from them. Here are some of the choices we ended up with.


These five choices are all from PromGirl.com.

  1. Illusion Sweetheart Short Fit and Flare Dress: I really like this one and I like that it looks strapless but isn’t. Definitely on our shortlist. Unfortunately the length is not given in the product details so we would just have to take our chances and order it.
  2. High Neck Sequin Bodice Short Tulle Dress: Another good possibility but a lot depends on how far down the side scoops would go. Like this one much better in the Black/Royal combo vs. the Black/Pink combo. 32″ from hollow to hem.
  3. High Neck Racerback Beaded Bodice: This one has a little bit of a Peacock look to it which is kind of fun. This dress has the highest price tag of the bunch at $189. 32″ from hollow to hem.
  4. Short Print Skirt with Lace Halter: This is the only dress with… POCKETS! It comes in pink and a navy blue. It stands out as being a bit more unique with the floral print but still very Homecoming appropriate.  33″ from hollow to hem.
  5. Cap-Sleeve Party Dress: This is the most conservative and cheapest choice from PromGirl at $99. This also comes in a blush pink which I like better in this style but my daughter likes the blue color so there you go. 31″ hollow to hem.

UPDATE: Here is what dress #4 looks like on her. I would probably sew up the bottom of the keyhole a tiny bit.


And here are some more we found online at Chicwish.com.


  1. Off-Shoulder Dress in Nude: Oh how I wish this dress were longer.
  2. Fluttering Stripes Midi Dress: This dress is super cute but too long and probably more spring event appropriate than fall Homecoming.
  3. Pink Airy Off-Shoulder Flare Dress: Again the length is probably too short but otherwise a classic look. This is also the cheapest dress at $59.

ANOTHER UPDATE: One reader shared this website with me: RenttheRunway.com. You can rent high-end dresses for minimal cost. I really like this idea and would consider using it for myself in the future.

And now as promised:
Why you shouldn’t worry about your dress size


This is a picture of my youngest daughter who tried on dresses for fun while we looked for dresses for my older daughter. The dress she has on in this picture is a size 1 and it is pretty much skin tight. I was shocked at how tight it was.  She still wears children size clothing. So yeah. It’s not you. It’s the dressmakers and designers. Now have a cookie…

As you can see we have looked at quite a bit. Any idea which dress we are leaning towards? Any suggestions for other dress sites to try because I am in it at this point! Leave your thoughts below. I will post the dress my daughter chooses soon.

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  1. Ashley
    August 26, 2016 / 1:43 pm

    Cute! I really like the illusion neckline on 1, but on the other hand, the beading on 3 is stunning. I agree with you, #sizedoesntmatter!

  2. Adrienne
    August 26, 2016 / 1:48 pm

    I like dress number 1! Dresses 4 and 5 are close seconds but the colors and amount of sparkle on 1 are gorgeous 🙂

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