Dessert: The Best Kept Secret at the Fox River Brewing Company

Dessert: The Best Kept Secret at the Fox River Brewing Company

“Who has good cake?” was the response I received when I asked my good friend where she would like to go for her birthday lunch. This was not the response I expected because she never eats cake unless she has been put under duress by me trying to be a good hostess.

As luck would have it, I had recently eaten one of the best cupcakes of my life (no small praise as I am a self-proclaimed expert in this field), so it was quickly decided she would be whisked to the Fox River Brewing Company for cake and salad in that order.

Once we were seated by a window overlooking the river, common sense prevailed and we ordered our food in the proper order.  For starters we chose Edamame Pods lightly coated with kosher salt and The Big Dip.  The Big Dip consists of warm, pillowy soft pita bread and three spread options: spinach artichoke dip, bruschetta and a slightly spicy hummus. The hummus dip was the star of this appetizer.


The Big Dip at the Fox River Brewing Company

When our entrees arrived it was clear to see who is the healthier eater. I ordered the Bacon Jam Burger with a side of fresh, squeaky cheese curds and the birthday girl ordered the Roasted Apple Spinach Salad with cheddar, walnuts, bacon bits and an apple vinaigrette dressing. Even though her meal was the healthier option, the bacon jam on my burger elicited the most conversation and debate by far. We considered the different processes for achieving the consistency of said jam, as well the level of sweetness vs. saltiness one might expect in a bacon jam. Of course nothing was resolved except to decide on what to have for dessert.


Bacon Jam Burger at the Fox River Brewing Company



Roasted Apple Spinach Salad at the Fox River Brewing Company

I ordered the Chocolate Fixx Cupcake which is filled with a chocolate mousse that is almost ice cream-like. It is topped with chocolate fudge frosting, chocolate chips and sits in a swirl of chocolate sauce.  The frosting has a smooth flavor that is not overly sweet and the cake is moist and gooey. The cupcakes are definitely large enough to split between two people.

The Chocolate Fixx Cupcake at the Fox River Brewing Company

The Chocolate Fixx Cupcake at the Fox River Brewing Company

Kim then threw a spanner in the works and ordered the dessert special which was a mint and chocolate bread pudding. What happened to cake?? It was her birthday so of course she can get whatever she wants! The bread pudding looked just like a slice of cake when it arrived.  The mint was subtle but added a nice contrast to the chocolate. Both desserts were excellent.

Bread Pudding with Mint at Fratellos (The Fox River Brewing Company)

Bread Pudding with Mint at the Fox River Brewing Company

The Fox River Brewing Company is best known for their hand crafted specialty beers but I have to say their desserts from scratch really are worth a try!

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  1. Emily
    April 23, 2016 / 2:08 pm

    Sounds good! I’ll have to check that out sometime

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