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Recently I was in the position of giving gifts to several teenage girls. As I was hunting around for something cool and current to buy, my daughter suggested bracelets from Alex and Ani. I checked out their website and I was sold. The bracelets are affordable, high quality, pretty and you can personalize it by picking the type of metal and charm to individualize the bracelet for the recipient.

Alex and Ani Bracelets

As a bonus, the bracelets in the Charity by Design category are made to help fundraise for specific non-profit organizations such as: The House of Blues Music Forward Foundation, Team Red, White and Blue and UNICEF just to name a few. Now you can support a cause you believe in and sport some cool bling at the same time.

There is such a wide variety on the Alex and Ani site that you are sure to have no trouble finding a gift for someone or picking out a little something for yourself. They have a whole line of sports related charms and I have a feeling that when the school season starts up again a lot of girls will be “sporting” (I can’t believe I made that pun either) these bracelets. If bracelets really aren’t your thing they also carry rings, necklaces, earrings and other accessories.

Alex and Ani assigns each charm meaningful descriptors. For example, the bracelets pictured here are the Fleur De Lis design representing Regality, Faith and Renewal.  The Hummingbird charm represents Awakening, Healing and Eternity. The Phoenix charms descriptors are Rebirth, Magic and Healing.

As a side note, if you find one you like don’t hesitate too long. They have a tendency to sell out.

Alex and Anis’ products are made from sustainable materials and crafted in the U.S.A.

Alex and Ani Bracelets

Alex and Ani Bracelets

Alex and Ani Bracelets

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