A Delicious Sappy Birthday Lunch

A Delicious Sappy Birthday Lunch

Each year when my birthday rolls around I look forward to going out to lunch with one of my good friends, Kim. Normally we end up at Benevenuto’s because I can’t make a decision, but my ambition and Christmas shopping lead us to SAP this year. I knew we might have to wait to get a table but thankfully it was only about 20 minutes and we were able to amuse ourselves by ogling the dessert case.


One of my favorite things about SAP (and this is weird) is that they serve Coke products from glass bottles. The first time I ordered a Coke at SAP the server told me it comes in a bottle and wanted to know if I was okay with that? Uh, yeah way more than okay with that! There is just something better about the taste of Coke from a glass bottle.

To begin the meal we (of course) ordered Cokes as well as celebratory Strawberry Sippers, a mix of sparkling wine, strawberries and basil syrup. Yum!


I ordered the Croque Madame with a salad. I do love a Croque Monsieur and make them once and a while, but it is much less messy just to order one. The fried egg was a little ambitious for me, but I was able to eat the gorgeous egg and most of the sandwich. The ham was wonderfully flavorful and not at all salty. I am pretty sure that is what ham is meant to taste like.


Kim ordered the Salad Nicoise with Shrimp. The beans were perfectly cooked, the shrimp was plentiful and it was beautifully presented.


Our third companion was my daughter who took advantage of the breakfast all day menu and ordered SAP Cakes. While we waited for our food we debated what the “seasonal fruit” would be. For us in winter that usually means melon and grapes because nothing is in season. Luckily her cakes came with fresh berries and bananas which she loves.


After we finished our entrees it was on to the difficult choice of dessert. Despite our earlier dessert viewing we were unable to make a good decision so went back to the dessert case to make our final choices. Normally I get a cupcake but this time I went for the decadent blackberry chocolate Crémeux. Kim had the cherry-filled Christmas tree Linzer cookie and my daughter loaded up on vanilla macarons. The chocolate Crémeux was so gorgeous to look at I hesitated a full 30 seconds to admire it before diving in.




If you ever find yourself at SAP do not turn your back on dessert. In fact, if you just want afternoon coffee you couldn’t do any better than stopping in to SAP and getting coffee and a yummy treat.


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  1. December 29, 2016 / 12:49 pm

    Hey Annika!

    Stopping by from our Insta Pod. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Also, those desserts look AMAZING!!!! Like it’s taking everything in me not to go out and get something similar! WOW!


  2. January 1, 2017 / 1:33 pm

    Thank you! Yes they are wonderful to look at and eat!

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